Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study STIAS in South Africa is an independent but with Stellenbosch University closely allied research institute at which eminent scientists are invited to stay 1-3 months or more. The Institute has its own relatively new building entirely funded by the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation (MMW). It can accommodate 20 researchers simultaneously. Each one gets an office of his or her own. Housing is arranged within walking distance. Once a week a joint seminar is organized. Visitors are expected to attend this and the common lunch every day, otherwise they dispose completely their time - the idea is to offer uninterrupted time to work on your own research in a stimulating environment.

Read more about the institute here.

MMW funds fellowships at STIAS to Swedish researchers employed at Swedish universities or research institutes. Fellows will be staying at STIAS at least a month, preferably three months or more, but it need not be contiguous. The grant for the stay covers airfare, accommodation and meals. Fellowships at STIAS are obtained by invitation from the STIAS management, but MMW nominates Swedish researchers for the invitation. Qualifications corresponding to Swedish docent or professor are generally required.

Interested scientists are invited to contact Professor Kåre Bremer by e-mail or phone 0733-669169.

For more information about staying at STIAS, please contact any of the Swedish scientists who have been there, for example:

UU: Peter Gärdenfors, Maria Ågren

LU: Christopher Edling, Anna Hultgårdh, Lars Larsson, Jan Nilsson, Erik Svensson, Sven Åberg

GU: Bo Rothstein

SU: Thomas Elmqvist (e-mail)

UmU: Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede

KI: Patrik Ernfors, Marie Hasselberg, Lucie Laflamme

LinneU: Anders Högsberg