Stockholm University plans to connect to EWP according to the EU timeline requirements using E+Dashboard as an interim solution before mobility processes have been established in Mobility-Online.

Online Learning Agreement – OLA

June 2021

All departments use OLA for incoming students 2021/22 via Dashboard. If you use Dashboard or your software is connected to EWP – we can sign digital LAs for your outgoing students.

March 2022

Stockholm University will switch systems for digital learning agreements in March 2022 and can for that reason not accept or send OLAs for 2022/23 until after March 2022.

Inter-Institutional Agreements - IIA

Autumn 2021

New digital IIAs for 2022/23 can be created and signed if your software is connected to EWP Autumn 2021. SU will use Mobility Online for IIA.

Digital Nominations

Spring 2023

Tentative – dependent on external factors - digital nominations are said to become mandatory for mobilities Autumn 2023-.

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