About us

We work to ensure that newly arrived and multilingual children and students in the entire school system, from preschool to adult education, are offered good conditions to pass their studies and thus good opportunities to become active in society and working life. By multilingual, we mean children and students who have a mother tongue other than Swedish, or several others, and who are developing Swedish as their second language.

The National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language at Stockholm University is a national resource and development centre, commissioned by the Swedish government. Our area of responsibility is the subject of Swedish as second language  and includes all school levels from preschool to adult education.


Our responsibility

Since the start in 1998 the regulation (SFS 2007:1475) that governs our responsibility is basically the same. At that time, the government assignment was largely focused on the school subject Swedish as a second language and the teachers of the subject.

Today, newly arrived and multilingual students' opportunities for learning are considered to be the responsibility of the entire school, as teaching shall be adapted to the needs of each pupil so that they will have the possibility of learning as much as possible, it includes teachers of all subjects, not only teachers of. This means that NC works with pedagogically active teachers in all subjects as well as with principals and school management.

Since a school's local work is connected to conditions at local as well as national level, we also work to disseminate information and conduct dialogue with decision makers, both civil servants and politicians.

An important prerequisite for NC to be able to work based on research and proven experience is that the staff at NC are licensed preschool teachers and teachers with extensive experience of working in preschool and school.

Foto: Pexels

The National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language endorse teaching methods which support linguistic and cognitive development. Foto: Pexels


Principal aims

The principal aims of The National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language are to:

  • serve as a link between researchers, educators and society at large.
  • clarify the significance and role of the subject 'Swedish as a second language' in teacher training as well as in social and working life.
  • advocate the implementation of a curricula for Swedish as a second language.
  • spread knowledge and awareness of the special learning processes involved in acquiring a second language.
  • endorse teaching methods which support linguistic and cognitive development.

What we do

The National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language:

  • organize seminars for educators and researchers.
  • take initiative in the development of networks around important issues at all educational levels.
  • organize recurrent conferences.
  • accept commissions from public authorities, municipalities and organizations
  • spread information through a web site, publications, personal contacts and social media.

NC does not organize courses in Swedish

The National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language (NC) does not organize courses in Swedish. Please contact the municipality were you live if you are newly arrived in Sweden – they are responsible for teaching for all levels at primary, secondary school and adult education.

As a newly arrived adult you have a right to attend Swedish education for immigrants (sfi) for free. Swedish education for immigrants. Within sfi there are courses at different levels and if you have a valid residence permit in Sweden or are an EU/EEA citizen, the teaching is free.

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