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The National Center for Swedish as a Second Language has its premises at Frescati, where the majority of Stockholm University is located. You will find us in a pavilion in Södra huset (blue high-rise buildings), between buildings E and F, first floor.

The National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language (NC) is located in the southern part of the campus, in the pavilion between houses E and F of Södra huset. Coming from the Metro station you take right, following signs towards the library. The fifth of the blue houses is house E.



Visiting address: Universitetsvägen 10 EF, ground floor

Postal address

National Centre for Swedish as a second language
Department of Teaching and Learning
University of Stockholm
106 91 Stockholm

Visiting address

Universitetsvägen 10 EF
Frescati, Stockholm
Södra huset, house EF (pavilion between house E and house F), ground floor


How to get to Campus Frescati

Metro station: Universitetet

Roslagsbanan: Universitetet

Buses: 50, 52, 540, 608, 624C, 628C, 639, 670, 676 and 680

SL Stockholm Public Transport

Car: Pull off the E18 (Roslagsvägen) by the University. Follow Frescativägen and then turn left to Svante Arrhenius väg (between the University area and the Swedish Museum of Natural History). Parking is south of Södra huset and parking fees apply throughout the year, at all times.

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