The work we do is assignment based and is carried out both in our own premises at Stockholm University and through direct and digital contacts around Sweden. We are a total of around 15 employees who work for NC to varying extents.

The National Centre of Swedish as a Second Language is small and the organization consists of 15 employees, including a manager and an administrator.


Management and administration

The National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language is led by a director who is supported by a deputy director and an administrative coordinator.

Management and administration
Director Sofia Engman
Deputy director Josefin Nilsson
Administrive coordinator Jan Wallinder


All employees except the administrator have a teaching degree and solid teaching experience. In addition, the employees have a varying degree of higher academic education within NC's field of activity, from dissertations to master's degrees.

The employees have different areas of responsibility, depending, among other things, on their teaching background, teaching and research experience and other competences.

The employees' various areas of responsibility and contact information

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