Verónica Giordano, Professor in Historical Sociology and Gender Studies - NILAs research seminar


Date: Friday 9 June 2023

Time: 14.00 – 15.30

Location: the Library of the Institute of Latin American Studies (House B, Floor 5)

Menopause as a social issue: gender equality and women’s rights in Argentina and Latin America in the 21st century

In this presentation I will introduce some findings from a project that has just started, which looks into the visibilization of menopause in gender equality and women’s rights discourses in the context of neoliberal capitalism in Argentina and Latin America. Drawing on data from legislative initiatives, public policy documents, NGO’s actions and newspaper articles, I will show that menopause is a topic that is still considered a tabu and that the few voices that address this issue do not necessarily come from the “progressive” side of the ideological arche, but also from the conservative segments of the society. The analysis seeks to make a contribution to the field of gender studies by adopting a socio-historical view. I will address that the way conservative gropus are increasingly developping a gender agenda has some historical roots and is connected to a path of conservative modernisation. In this view, the widening of the scope of women’s rights does not necessarilly translates into the widening of gender equality.


The research seminar on Latin American studies is open to scholars interested in Latin American issues. It welcomes the presentation of papers from researchers and PhD students from different social science disciplines. The seminar takes place on Fridays 14:00 – 15:30 every second week (odd numbers) at the Library of the Institute of Latin American Studies (House B, Floor 5). For further information on the research seminar please contact:

Organizer of the seminars: Andrés Rivarola Puntigliano