2nd EU-LAC Forum of Journalists

The EU-LAC Foundation, with the support of the Nordic Institute of Latin American Studies of the Stockholm University and the Instituto Prensa y Sociedad, will organise the II EU-LAC Forum of Journalists with media workers from the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Participants will exchange on the status of the EU-CELAC strategic partnership in times of multiple, global crises, to generate inputs towards a new narrative on the bi-regional partnership from a societal perspective, and to participate in a session on collaborative scientific journalism and evidence-based reporting.

Following up on the I EU-LAC Forum of Journalists, celebrated in Costa Rica in January 2020, that provided an informal platform for debate among journalists on EU-LAC relations and aimed to foster mutual understanding between journalists and media experts, this II Forum strives to enhance the achieved synergies and alliances with new perspectives and manifold approaches.  The Forum encourages a bi-regional collaborative network to increase cooperation and alliances between journalists from LAC and the EU, particularly with a view to re-publication methods and information transfer.

Participation by personal invitation only.

For more information: seminarier.nilas@su.se

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