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Blue minerals and blue rocks: From minerals to models

November 6 i William-Olssonsalen och via Zoom

Talare: Paola Manzotti | Biträdande lektor, tektonik, metamorf petrologi och geokronologi.

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The blue amphibole glaucophane is considered as indicative of blueschist-facies metamorphism. However, blue amphiboles display a large range in chemical compositions. Therefore, the whole-rock composition strongly controls the stability field of the sodic amphiboles at the transition from greenschist- to blueschist-facies conditions. This talk explores (i) the mechanisms that control the development of sodic amphibole within the Dent Blanche Tectonic System (Alps), as a result of the Alpine metamorphic history and (ii) how the chemistry of the blue amphibole changes with pressure, temperature and oxidation conditions.

Blue minerals and blue rocks.
Photo: Paola Manzotti

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Wei-Li Hong,
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Blue minerals and blue rocks: From minerals to models. Seminar by Paola Manzotti (659 Kb)