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För medarbetare på IGV "Planera undervisningen inför HT20"

Guidelines och planering av undervisning inför HT20 under Covid-19

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Guidelines for teaching (HT20)

In line with guidelines from Folkhälsomyndigheten and Stockholm University, IGV plans to offer a mixture of campus, field and distance teaching during the Autumn term of 2020. The following guidelines aim to address how this can be done in practice at IGV.

In order to keep the number of students on campus low, distance teaching should be used as far as possible (within a reasonable workload). The choice between campus, fieldand distance teaching is made on an individual basis by each teacher. No teacher is required to teach on campus or in the field.

Guidelines for Teacher Autumn term 2020 (62 Kb)

Planning for the Autumn term of 2020


See separate document for guidelines.


See separate document for guidelines.

Working from home

The Department policy is to encourage working from home whenever possible so as to reduce the number of staff at IGV at any given time. If you need to be at IGV and must travel by public transport then it is recommended to avoid travelling during rush hours. This means that IGV is relaxing the requirement for TA staff to be at work between 09.00 and 15.00.

Work environment (arbetsmiljö)

We have decided to talk to everybody (Magnus, Iain, Viktoria and Malin) at IGV to find out how it works to work from home. We will contact you shortly about this. There is some guidance from our personnel department to get a better work situation when working from home.

Planning for Autumn term 20 (42 Kb)