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Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

Research, communication and infrastructure

At Stockholm University, successful marine research and education has been conducted for over five decades. World leading research about the Baltic Sea, as well as high-level science about other marine areas such as the tropical seas and the artic regions, originates from Stockholm University.

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre's mission is to strengthen and illuminate this significant marine activity that involves over ten different Departments at the University. We are a combination of experts and communicators who collaborate with a wide network of marine scientists to improve the knowledge about the Baltic Sea and help society handle its marine environmental problems.

Destony database

Information on useful tools collected in new database

A new database collects information about available decision support tools, developed to assist ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea. There is also information on how well the tools meet important performance criteria.

Major processes related to vegetation and fauna controlling benthic biogeochemical fluxes.

Potentials of mechanistic modeling of biogeochemical processes

In a new paper, researchers from the Baltic Sea Centre together with others, discuss and review mechanistic modeling of biogeochemical processes in coastal areas. According to the authors, including and improving the descriptions of biomasses and metabolism of benthic fauna in ecosystem models is necessary if we want to understand the effects of environmental changes.

Time for smarter and safer chemical management

Time for smarter and safer chemical management

Today’s massive flow of chemicals places new demands on risk management. Managing chemicals in groups and introducing mixture risk assessments into all chemicals legislation are two key measures to protect health and the environment.

Båt i almedalen

Law - a necessary but insufficient way to manage water quality

At each side of the Atlantic ocean, two completely different coastal areas have become iconic poster children for eutrophication and served as blue prints for marine management approaches. During a joint webinar between the Baltic Sea Centre and Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre, the governance of these two regions were discussed.

newsletter in english

Marine news from the University

Do you work with marine management? Are you a researcher? Do you wish to know more about current policy and desicion making processes connected to the Baltic Sea? In our newsletters you will find articles about new science of societal relevance. The content will mainly originate from Stockholm University but can also come from elsewhere, with a comment from our experts. 


Information for students and staff about the coronavirus

Information on the coronavirus in relation to Stockholm University's activities is updated continuously.


Askö and the coronavirus

We who work at Askö Laboratory also strictly follow the recommendations regarding COVID-19. This might lead to changes in our planned sampling schedules. Please check with us prior to your booked visit. 

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