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Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

Research, communication and infrastructure

At Stockholm University, successful marine research and education has been conducted for over five decades. World leading research about the Baltic Sea, as well as high-level science about other marine areas such as the tropical seas and the artic regions, originates from Stockholm University.

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre's mission is to strengthen and illuminate this significant marine activity that involves over ten different Departments at the University. We are a combination of experts and communicators who collaborate with a wide network of marine scientists to improve the knowledge about the Baltic Sea and help society handle its marine environmental problems.

Bo Gustafsson

Eutrophication expert Bo Gustafsson honored with prestigious award

Bo Gustafsson, director of Baltic Nest Institute at Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre, receives the 2021 Ruth Patrick Award for his outstanding contributions to the understanding and management of eutrophication and hypoxia in the Baltic Sea.

Micropollutants is a collective term for a wide range of chemicals that are present in the aquatic e

Call for better management of micropollutants in wastewater

Urban wastewater treatment plants are important collection points for many chemical contaminants that are widespread in the aquatic environment. But micropollutant emissions from them are poorly assessed and regulated.

Divers conduct research on thriving coral reef in Saudi Arabia

Metabolic study provides new insights into coral bleaching

Ocean warming alters the nutrient exchange between corals and their algae symbionts. This leads to the starvation of corals at a much earlier stage than previously thought. A recent study contributes to understanding coral bleaching, one of the major threats to reefs worldwide.

A Blue Year for the Baltic

A Blue Year for the Baltic

2020 – was it only bad? The pandemic tended to overshadow everything else, but let us forget about the terrible corona virus for a minute and consider if 2020 brought any positive news for the Baltic Sea and what we can expect of 2021.

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

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