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The BONUS Call 2012: Viable Ecosystems closed in February and independent evaluators has since assessed all applications. The submitted proposals were then ranked according to one common ranking list, which formed the basis for the funding decision, which was sent out Friday 17 May.

Two of the projects BNI applied for were ranked among the top projects and thus approved for further negotiations:

  • COCOA - Nutrient COcktails in COAstal zones of the Baltic Sea is an inter-disciplinary project integrating different disciplines to understand the interactions of physical, biogeochemical and biological processes on the removal of nutrients along the land-sea interface.

    The goal is to synthesize the results into state-of-the-art ecosystem models, allowing the researchers to provide combined expertise to construct a nutrient management framework for managing the coastal zone of the Baltic Sea. The goal is to improve current decision support tools used for the implementations of the HELCOM BSAP, EU WFD and MSFD.
  • BLUEPRINT - Biological Lenses Using gEne PRINTs, is an interdisciplinary project that will link mapping and knowledge of the Baltic Sea microbial metagenome with biogeochemical models. The project will thus provide improved input to the models and a novel set of indicators for Good Environmental Status (GES) directed towards the food web descriptor according to the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

    The microbial genetic blueprint is intimately linked to environmental conditions and nutrient biogeochemistry in the different basins of the Baltic Sea, and the genomic information will be used to validate and improve parameterization of basin-scale biogeochemical models of the Baltic Sea.

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Text by: Marmar Nekoro