From an expert's point of view - short talk

We use resources from the sea in many ways. Transportation, fishery, energy extraction and tourism are some examples. The resources are managed at various agencies and are steered by laws and regulations from different national and international authorities.

To better understand how it works in Sweden, we asked the long-time expert Kjell Grip, a few questions: How are marine resources managed? What central decisions has been taken? What is needed in the future of environmental management? See the short film here!

Use and management of marine resources, and protection of marine nature values - lunch seminar

Watch the 40 minutes talk to learn more about the main activities that need to be managed, the operational system, important historical steps and international managing authorities and conventions.

A Marine Ecology Lunch seminar at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences.

Kjell Grip has worked with questions regarding environmental management at various levels in society; from municipalities and county administrative boards to central agencies, commissions and ministries. He also has international experience from his positions in HELCOM and the Cartagena Convention in the Caribbean Region. Before his retirement Kjell worked at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and recently he initated his current PhD at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences.