Project description

This project is international and interdisciplinary and you will work along with scientists from the natural sciences, law and socio-economists with environmental questions related to boating in the Baltic Sea. When antifouling products are environmentally risk assessed, in Sweden and other EU member states, only effects on the marine environment due to leaching of biocides to the water phase are considered. The disadvantage with this approach is that other sources, such as the transportation of biocides from contaminated boat yards to the marine environment, are neglected. The overall aim of this PhD project is to both quantify and study the mobilization of hazardous substances from boat yards and sediment to marine waters. You will be using x-ray fluorescence technology to detect contaminants on boat hulls, soils and sediments, which will be verified by chemical analysis. The results will serve as a base for a mass balance model of boatyards and harbours. Another important part of your work will be to apply your data together with the doctoral students in the project to improve the regulation of boat activities in the society.  SU FV-0072-14.
Deadline for applications:  Feb 15, 2014