Project description

The position is part of a scientific segment in a team together with communicators, which will provide scientific knowledge to decision makers.

Main responsibilities

Specific qualifications required to be considered as a candidate for employment include at least a PhD within the subject area of the position. We seek a person with a strong interest and ambition for communication and outreach, that in close collaboration with others in our research and communication team can: 

  • have comprehensive knowledge about environmental toxins focusing on chemical pollution in the Baltic Sea; their occurrence, changes, effects and regulation
  • strongly communicate research results that have the potential to influence or form policy decisions for an improved Baltic Sea environment
  • develop pro-active communication and policy options for societal choices and communicate Baltic Sea environmental action challenges and solutions
  • lead scientific thematic syntheses including assessments on measures and solutions and international workshops on environmental Baltic Sea issues, as well as write scientific publications on these subjects
  • develop integrated approaches for environmental management and measures within the Baltic Sea and its catchment
  • assess the implications of REACH regulations, and related EU directives on contaminant management within the Baltic Sea and its catchment.

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