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Örskärs fyr, norr om Gräsö i norra Uppland

Science and communication for the Baltic Sea

The Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre consists of a unique combination of experts and communicators who collaborate with a wide network of marine scientists to improve knowledge about the Baltic Sea and help society handle its marine environmental problems. We are a link between science and management, and synthesise and distribute scientific results to the right audience in society.

World leading marine research at Stockholm University
The Baltic Sea Centre was formed at Stockholm University because successful research and education about the sea has been conducted for over five decades here. World leading research about the Baltic Sea, as well as high-level science about other marine areas such as tropical seas and the artic regions, originates from Stockholm University.

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre:

  • carry out vital research and environmental analysis to support management
  • collect useful knowledge and communicate it to the right place in society
  • strengthen and highlight marine research and education at the entire university
  • provide infrastructure for marine research and education

Our latest news

  • Foto: Mostphotos.com Plankton measurements reveal the Baltic Sea’s contaminant levels 2021-01-07 To ensure that results from contaminant monitoring are interpreted correctly, a long-term perspective and measurements of both plankton and benthic organisms are required. This according to a new study.
  • Club and EU flag. Photo: Mostphotos.com EU consultation replies from the Baltic Sea Centre, Stockholm University 2020-12-21 Read the Baltic Sea Centre's comments and replies on recent European Commission consultations.
  • Informationen från R/V Electras ekolod, och vattenprovtagningar ger syns direkt på skärmarna och kan övervakas av forskarna. Foto: Jonas Hentati Sundberg Echo sounders track hypoxia in the Baltic Sea 2020-11-30 It is possible to trace oxygen depleted zones in the Baltic Sea with acoustic methods. This, according to a new study. The scientists suggest the method to be an important complement to existing marine monitoring programs.
  • Academia represented at EU level 2020-10-28 Professor Christina Rudén has been selected as an observer to CARACAL, an expert group under the European Commission. Stockholm University the only academic organization in this important advisory group on chemicals in EU.
  • Comments on new Chemical Strategy 2020-10-16 The new Chemical Strategy has just been presented. Researchers, policy experts and communicators have joined forces to communicate the relevant science from Stockholm University.
  • Jonas Hentati-Sundberg Guillemots of the Baltic: Linking the seabed and the sky 2020-09-23 On the island of Stora Karlsö up to 100 000 seabirds nest. In a new study a group of curious young researchers from three different universities show how guillemots fuel northern Europe's largest colony of house martins.

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