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Örskärs fyr, norr om Gräsö i norra Uppland

Science and communication for the Baltic Sea

The Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre consists of a unique combination of experts and communicators who collaborate with a wide network of marine scientists to improve knowledge about the Baltic Sea and help society handle its marine environmental problems. We are a link between science and management, and synthesise and distribute scientific results to the right audience in society.

World leading marine research at Stockholm University
The Baltic Sea Centre was formed at Stockholm University because successful research and education about the sea has been conducted for over five decades here. World leading research about the Baltic Sea, as well as high-level science about other marine areas such as tropical seas and the artic regions, originates from Stockholm University.

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre:

  • carry out vital research and environmental analysis to support management
  • collect useful knowledge and communicate it to the right place in society
  • strengthen and highlight marine research and education at the entire university
  • provide infrastructure for marine research and education

Our latest news

  • Club and EU flag. Photo: Mostphotos.com EU consultation replies from the Baltic Sea Centre, Stockholm University 2021-04-13 Read the Baltic Sea Centre's comments and replies on recent European Commission consultations.
  • Inom projektet togs vattenprover i diken och vattendrag omkring 20 ggr per år, både för att kunna identifiera nya näringskällor, och för att kunna utvärdera effekten av landåtgärder. Foto: Fredrik Sederholm. Important Baltic Sea network 2021-04-06 Since 1991 the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference has worked to promote political dialogue and exchange of experience between parliamentarians in the Baltic Sea Region. In march two of our researchers participated in a meeting within BSPC and shared their knowledge of a successful project.
  • Askö Laboratory's anniversary year 2021-03-22 So far, we still do not know entirely how 2021 will be, but this year is special for us at the Baltic Sea Center. Our field station Askö Laboratory is celebrating 60 years! An anniversary that is not just about an important and special place. It's about history. Memories. Development. We celebrate 60 years of knowledge about the sea!
  • Foto: Tobias Dahlin/Azote Reduce coastal trawling to protect the Baltic herring 2021-03-11 Increased herring catches close to the Swedish Baltic east coast, and the negative trend for several herring stocks accentuate the need for reduced fishing pressure and more detailed knowledge about herring subpopulation structure.
  • Eutrophication expert Bo Gustafsson honored with prestigious award 2021-03-04 Bo Gustafsson, director of Baltic Nest Institute at Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre, receives the 2021 Ruth Patrick Award for his outstanding contributions to the understanding and management of eutrophication and hypoxia in the Baltic Sea.
  • Micropollutants is a collective term for a wide range of chemicals
that are present in the aquatic environment as a result of human
activities. These substances are used for example as ingredients
in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, personal care products, food
additives and household products, or as components or byproducts
in industrial processes and various materials. Call for better management of micropollutants in wastewater 2021-02-23 Urban wastewater treatment plants are important collection points for many chemical contaminants that are widespread in the aquatic environment. But micropollutant emissions from them are poorly assessed and regulated.

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