In 2012 the survey was sent to 103 people. Of them, 51 people responded, representing 50% response rate, which was the lowest so far. The group New entrants, ie. those who had been on Askö  less than three times, were 17 (34%).

The complete survey is only available in Swedish, especially the figures and graphs can be of interest: read more and download!

Planning works better

According to 98% of the respondents the overall preparations works smoothly. 86% gives the highest grade 1, and only one person, a new entrant, gave grade 3. This is the best score so far, and continues a steady upward trend.

The question about the knowledge of the possibility of an extra morning boat transport, still stands out. Many still do not know about this opportunity.

Satisfied visitors

The actual stay on the island got brilliant grades. Almost only 1's and 2's in the ratings, and a few 3's. The exception is the issue of the need for more transport options to the mainland, where some are still unhappy with those offered. One of the few issues on which there is a trend to decreased satisfaction is the statement "It was ok to arrange my own food." Fewer and fewer fully agree, but on the other hand, it was not wholly rejected this year. Comfort, staff and the stay overall, was rated highest.

The issues of transport and accommodation have received better and better reviews over the years, as well as grades on lab and field equipment. The renovations seem to be appreciated!

A valuable resource

94% of the respondents found our resources valuable and 98% would like to return. The vast majority (88%) believe that Askö laboratory is sufficiently equipped for their needs, and fewer believe that the island-location is a problem.

There’s a steady increase in those who are completely satisfied with the billing period, so despite occasional problems, we seem to be on the right track.

Thanks from the staff!

A special thanks for all the detailed and constructive comments! We embrace them and will continue to work to get only positive reviews ;)

Greetings from

the Baltic Sea Centre

Enkät 2012