Geniunt boende på Askö

Staff and transport

  • The staff on Askö is only on the island during normal work hours (approximately between 8.30 – 17:00)
  • Transport to and from Askö is only possible during week days
  • ALWAYS contact the staff if you plan on going to Askö
  • There are several bikes to borrow and get around on the island
  • For moving heavy equipment, the staff have access to some motor vehicles to help out

Your Askö stay

  • During winter time there is usually a lot of space on the station, on the other hand it can be very crowded during summer months
  • It is prohibited to smoke in the fieldstations locales, including on the decks, in the cuisine and boat houses
  • The staff can help out with mail deliveries
  • If something brakes or doesn’t work, always inform the personnel
  • There is some space available for storage over shorter periods

No store

  • There is no store on Askö. If you stay for a long period, weekly rides to Trosa can be organized for grocery shopping