R/V Electra

All guests now pay the same price for their stay  

In 2020 the costs for staying at Askö and using the ships and boats will be the same for all Universities! Guests from authorities pay the same as the Universities for the actual stay but a bit more for using the ships. The coming field season we will start to charge for storage of equipment once your experiment is finished. This is meant to help remind guests to bring material back home, or recycle, after finishing their work. To the updated price list!

Important dates 

DEC 31: If you know you will use R/V Electra 2020, please let us know! It is valuable in our planning process to know about desired expeditions earliest possible, preferable before December 31. Contact Thomas Strömsnäs for tips and useful information. When you know more, you can book the research ship online.

JAN 31: Course admins are kindly reminded to apply for known courses on Askö before January 31st. Please note that our research vessel R/V Electra can also be used for the courses! Contact Eva Lindell for information and prices.  

MARCH 15: Apply to conduct research, field work or arrange a workshop before March 15th. Applications later than that are accommodated as long as we have rooms left.  

Askö mässen möte
Meetings, research and education at Askö Laboratory

New weather station

Next year we plan to install a weather station to record, measure and hopefully livestream current conditions at Askö. Some suggested information to measure is: temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, precipitation and PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation). Data should be made available for researchers doing experiments on the island, but also for those interested in the information but working from elsewhere. Connected to this improvement, we will also look into setting up web camera to live-stream from Askö. 

Keep in touch with us!

We hope you follow Askö on Instagram already? Feel free to share your best Askö-tip, discuss with each other and let us know what you wish could be improved!

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