News about Askö

News about Askö

  • Same prices for all Universities 2020 2019-11-19 Next year the cost for staying at Askö Laboratory will be equal for all universities and authorities. Get inspired to plan and book meetings, research and courses on Askö 2020 now!
  • Ankare på botten i en grund vik. Foto: Joakim Hansen Fish habitats degraded by recreational boating 2018-10-03 In a new scientific article, researchers show that small boat marinas have a clear impact on the vegetation on the seabed. The study also shows that this vegetation is very important for recruitment of several coastal fish species, including perch and pike.
  • R/VElectra af Askö Electra returns from successful SWE-FIN research cruise 2018-10-05 During Electras 2nd multi-disciplinary research trip in the Finnish archipelago, a range of environmental questions were investigated. One of the projects involved exploring the carbon cycling in the sea using state-of-the-art-systems.
  • Apply for Baltic Earth Summer School 2018 2018-03-20 University of Rostock invites students from the entire Baltic Sea region to the 4th Baltic Earth Summer School on “Climate of the Baltic Sea region”. The course will be held at Askö, in the Swedish archipelago.
  • Apply for course organisation at Askö 2018 2017-12-13 It is time for course leaders to book their stay for returning and known courses during spring- and fall semester 2018.
  • Apply for PhD course Climate of the Baltic Sea Region 2017-04-20 Summer PhD/master-course organized by the Baltic Earth programme, Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre and Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde. This summer, the course i held at Askö 28 Aug - 4 Sept. Application deadline: 1 May
  • Premiärprovtagning för R/V Electra 2017-03-27 Tisdagen den 17 januari genomförde Electra sitt första formella uppdrag i form av provtagningar utanför Askö för miljöövervakningsprogrammet.
  • Free-living bladderwrack in the Baltic Sea Photo: Susanne Qvarfordt FunkVeg 2017-12-13 This Baltic Bridge project will try to resolve the functional role and way of reproduction of 'free-living' bladderwrack that can be found living unattached on soft bottoms in sheltered bays.
  • Grow dense, make sense? Diving inventory Grow dense, make sense? 2016-10-14 A Baltic Bridge project to investigate the role of drift algae, aquatic plant density and traits for secondary production and shelter from predation.
  • gästprofessorn Alf Norkko Alf Norkko honoured with Royal Baltic Sea professorship 2016-09-27 It is now decided that Alf Norkko will receive the visiting professorship in Baltic Sea research which Stockholm University gave the King as a 70-year-gift. Professor Alf Norkko from the University of Helsinki is an internationally renowned scientist in the field of ecological Baltic Sea research.
  • Baltic Earth 2016 group photo Climate change in the Baltic Sea region 2016-09-08 What are the fundamental processes of the atmosphere, ocean, sea-ice and land surface that have relevance for the climate system in the Baltic Sea? During Baltic Earth's advanced weeklong summer course at Askö Laboratory, 20 students from all over the Baltic Sea learned more about that.
  • R/V Oceania at Askö Laboratory R/V Oceania at Askö for important satellite overpass 2016-05-16 Last week several european research groups gathered at Askö Laboratory to take part in an intercalibration workshop to secure data quality of remote sensing reflectance over the Baltic Sea.
  • Group photo Baltic Bridge collaboration Baltic Bridge - bridging gaps in Baltic Sea science 2016-04-21 Last week researchers from Stockholm University and the University of Helsinki met to discuss concrete collaboration on Baltic Sea research and education. This initiative is part of the strategic collaboration between the two universities. The meeting was held in perfect spring weather at beautiful Askö.
  • Impact of climate change on the marine environment, group picture at Askö How is a changing climate linked to my Baltic Sea research? 2015-09-07 During a one-week course 16 well-renowned experts connected climate change to our most studied Baltic Sea issues, such as; biogeochemical processes, the carbon cycle and food web structures. It resulted in equipping 20 young researchers from all around the Baltic Sea with new problem-solving skills and knowledge that might help develop strategies for a sustainable Baltic Sea management.
  • Successful SWE-GER Baltic Sea course 2015-08-24 The returning international Baltic Sea course that Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde, IOW, and Stockholm University jointly organize has just ended. During one week 20 Swedish and German students have learned and practised research methods for studying the Baltic Sea, from the seascape to the nearest coastal zone.
  • Bojen sjösätts av Askös personal Environmental conditions at Askö measured in real-time 2015-07-07 At station B1 right outside the Askö Laboratory an automatic measuring buoy records oceanographic data in real-time. It is part of a network of similar measuring buoys along Sweden’s coast.
  • Klotet på Askölaboratoriet Swedish Radio about oxygen depletion 2015-04-29 A recent episode of the scientific radio program SR Klotet focused on oxygen depletion on the Baltic Sea seafloor. Three of our experts contributed with their knowledge.
  • Two postdoctoral positions in Baltic Sea Research 2015-03-05 Two postdoctoral positions in Baltic Sea Research – one at University of Helsinki and one at Stockholm University. The last one is at Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre. Reference number SU FV-0682-15. Deadline for applications: March 30, 2015.
  • Stockholm-Helsinki Baltic Sea collaboration 2015-02-04 The universities of Helsinki and Stockholm have initiated a collaboration with focus on Baltic Sea research, including researcher training and infrastructure development.
  • Askö Day opening by the Dean First Askö Day gathered many 2014-11-25 On November 20th 2014 the first Askö Day was organized with the aim to present the excellent research that is carried out at the Askö Laboratory.
  • Sediment sampling in The Baltic Sea. Seafloor animals play a bigger role in nutrient cycling than expected 2014-10-22 Biogeochemical processes in Baltic Sea sediments provide essential ecosystem services, such as reducing eutrophication by removing nutrients or converting them to useful food sources for marine organisms. New research from Stockholm University shows that small animals in the sediment affect the cycling of nitrogen – an essential nutrient, much more than expected.
  • Borstnate About the project Plant-Fish 2018-10-03 The Baltic Sea Centre has been part of the project Plant-Fish since 2014, which has examined the functional role of vegetation and predatory fish in shallow Baltic Sea bays. Now results are coming in.
  • DEMO workshop on fisheries management and assessment Towards more ecosystem based fishery 2014-09-01 Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre takes action in developing a more ecosystem based fishery management. During a week in late August, twenty marine scientists from most of the Baltic countries met to outline the first steps towards a future system for ecosystem based management and advice for assessing the Baltic Sea fish stock.
  • Expert meeting on fisheries management 2014-08-22 An international group of leading fish scientists will gather at the fieldstation Askö Laboratory August 25-29. It is the first in a series of workshops in the research project DEMO – DEMOnstration exercise for Integrated Ecosystem Assessment and Advice of Baltic Sea fish stocks.
  • Askö sunset What research is conducted on Askö? 2014-07-11 Even though our field station is open throughout the year, summer is high season for research in the Baltic Sea Proper and thus important for sampling, experiments and monitoring. This summary gives a good overview of the activities during peak season 2014.
  • Asköday Askö Day - Current research and future opportunities 2014-11-14 What research is conducted at the Askö Laboratory? What are the possibilities with existing and future resources? Join the Askö Day to learn how, what and who!
  • Hydroacoustic equipment for University researchers 2013-09-11 A scientific hydroacoustic equipment is now available for researchers at Stockholm University. It is to be used under supervision of Sture Hansson, Department Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences.
  • International Baltic Sea course in Askö archipelago 2013-09-17 Outside the Askö Laboratory bay a German research vessel has anchored. Time has come for the returning high-level international Baltic Sea course that Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research in Warnemünde, IOW, and Stockholm University jointly organize.
  • Baltic Sea modeling course 2013-04-26 In March BEAM arranged a PhD course about modeling the Baltic Sea Ecosystem. 20 students and over 10 international experts were gathered at Askö Laboratory.

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