News about Askö

News about Askö

  • Jonas Hentati-Sundberg Guillemots of the Baltic: Linking the seabed and the sky 2020-09-23 On the island of Stora Karlsö up to 100 000 seabirds nest. In a new study a group of curious young researchers from three different universities show how guillemots fuel northern Europe's largest colony of house martins.
  • Are our coasts hotspots for greenhouse gas emissions? 2020-05-20 Florian Roth is an expert on greenhouse gas emissions in the coastal zone of the Baltic Sea. In this postcard from Askö, Florian explains how he tries to find out more about these zones and if they, in fact, might be hotspots for such emissions.
  • Foto: Institutionen för miljövetenskap Climate researchers test methods for Arctic expedition 2020-03-25 To anticipate future emission of greenhouse gases, Stockholm University researchers will join an Arctic expedition this fall. As a preparation, a pilot week aboard R/V Electra has just been performed.
  • Researchers map mixing in the Southern Quark 2020-02-27 At present, a unique research expedition is taking place outside Grisslehamn. The team will study vertical mixing, an important mechanism for understanding circulation in the Baltic Sea.
  • Same prices for all Universities 2020 2019-11-19 Next year the cost for staying at Askö Laboratory will be equal for all universities and authorities. Get inspired to plan and book meetings, research and courses on Askö 2020 now!

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