Some 100 scientists, graduate students and graduate student assistants are staying at the Askö Laboratory for shorter or longer periods each year. Of our approximately 3000 yearly 'guestdays' about a third are research-related and the rest are visitors on meetings, workshops and university courses.


Researchers with widely different goals gather at the Askö Laboratory. Many are working to improve our basic understanding of the ecology of marine habitats. Others map the effects of different types of human disturbances on species and ecosystems. Read more about research


The Askö Laboratory is used on many bachelor-, master- and PhD-courses from different universities with students from Sweden and abroad. About 20 courses are arranged on Askö yearly. Read more about education

Long term ecological research 

Regular sampling of the pelagic, benthic and phytobentic zones are carried out in national monitoring programmes in the waters around Askö. The time-series of marine data collected in the vicinities of Askö are some of the oldest in the world. Landsorts Deep near Askö counts as one of two Swedish marine areas in the international Long Term Ecological Research network, LTER.

Meetings and visits

Askö Laboratory with its idyllic appearance is in many ways ideal for both creative meetings and field trips to learn more about current marine research and the Baltic Sea. Policymakers and opinion leaders often want to deepen their knowledge and get an opportunity to discuss important issues with experts in the field. Askö Laboratory is an excellent venue for fruitful meetings of that kind. Read more about meetings

Askö Quiz

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