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Many possibilities

At the Askö Laboratory researchers are offered many opportunities to study the sea, directly in the field, in the laboratories or in the experimental hall. We try to provide the right methods and resources to suit different research questions!

Open to all

Research at Asko is conducted all year round, but high season mostly during summer. The Asko Laboratory is used for field work and there are no stationed researchers. Some 100 scientists, graduate students, graduate student assistants are staying at the Asko Laboratory for shorter or longer periods each year. Of our approximately 3000 yearly 'guestdays' about a third are research related and the rest are meetings, workshops and University courses.

WELCOME to explore the Baltic Sea environment at Askö Laboratory!

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Research at Askö Laboratory

Östersjöns ekosystem

Still, knowledge of life beneath the surface is almost unknown compared to what we know about terrestrial environments. At our field station researchers with widely different goals gather. Many are working to improve our basic understanding of the ecology of marine habitats. Others work to specifically detect the effects of different types of human disturbances on species and ecosystems. All with the mission to fill the research gaps!