Det finns många typer av inspirerande arbetsrum på Askö

  • Wireless Internet
    A wireless internet is available on the fieldstation. If you have an account at Stockholm University, you can log on to it on the island. Guests from other universities that are members of the organisation Eduroam can also log on directly. Contact your Institution for assistance! The staff on Askö will help other guests.
  • Lecture hall
    The lecture room can host 35 people, and is equipped with TV, video, projector, OH-projector, DIA-projector, and a regular blackboard.
  • Study rooms
    There are 10 rooms available for temporary work. Seven of these rooms have computers (4 Macintosh, 3 PC), but guests can connect to the Internet from a laptop in any room. There are two printers, one copying machine and telephones to borrow. (Long distance calls and mass copying will be charged extra.)
  • Meetings
    A seminar room is available for larger meetings, it is also possible to sit in the beautiful tower room, or if necessary in the big lecture hall.
  • Library
    Askö has a little library that mostly contains identification keys and literature about the organisms and environments of the sea. We also offer a video-conference system in the library.
  • Entrance hall
    At the main entrance of the laboratory, there are aquariums showing the most common marine environments of the area, and also posters of the Baltic Sea and its ecology. The room is a good place to start a course, introduce the field station or give a welcome speech.
  • Work shop and Garage
    On Askö there’s a work shop for repairing field equipment and build or improve sample gear. If something brakes while you use it, please let the staff know! Near the boat house, there are possibilities to do some service to the motorboats. Some tools can be borrowed from the work shop.