During the week the group will work intensely with a status evaluation of the Eastern Baltic cod stock and its biotic and abiotic environment under the lead of Maciej T. Tomczak and Christian Möllmann.

The focus will be on implementing the IEA approach for Baltic Sea fish stocks, by combining both tactical and strategic management aspects into a single strategy that supports the present Baltic Sea fish stock advice. Because of the recent problems with the stock assessment of Eastern Baltic cod there is need for detailed analyses of Baltic ecosystem changes in relation to uncertainty, especially with regards to the development of the Eastern Baltic cod stock.

The group aims at drafting both a scientific output and a policy brief for a broader public during the week. Read more on the project webpage.

Maciej Tomczak Sweden
Christian Möllmann Germany
Bärbel Müller-Karulis Sweden
Lena Bergström Sweden
Michele Casini Sweden
Anna Gårdmark Sweden
Margit Eero  Denmark
Thorsten Blenckner Sweden
Rudi Voss  Germany
Piotr Margonski Poland
Hans-Harald Hinrichsen  Germany
Jörn Schmidt Germany
Henrik Svedäng Sweden
Magnus Huss Sweden
Didzis Ustups Latvia
Ivars Putnis  Latvia

Facts: The fieldstation Askö Laboratory belongs to Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre and is used for marine research, education and meetings. The DEMO project is performed within the think tank Baltic Eye at Baltic Sea Centre.