Towards more ecosystem based fishery

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Facts DEMO

DEMO - DEMOnstration exercise for Integrated Ecosystem Assessment and Advice of Baltic Sea fish stocks. Project period: 2014-2015

The project is a part of the scientific think tank Baltic Eye at Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre, and led by Maciej T. Tomczak, Stockholm University, Sweden and Christian Möllmann, University of Hamburg, Germany. The workshops are financed by Granholms stiftelse.

  • Contact: Maciej Tomczak,

Four workshops in a year

Four workshops with different themes will be held during the project period. The workshops will gather scientists from around the Baltic Sea, as well as from other areas, with experience and expertize relevant for each workshop. Each workshop will result in both a scientific output of a per-reviewed paper and a policy brief for a wider audience.

  • DEMO-1 – Askö, 25–29 August 2014 Status evaluation of the Eastern Baltic cod stock and its environment
  • DEMO-2 – Lysekil (in connection to ICES SGSPATIAL) 10-12 of November 2014 Analysis of growth changes in Eastern Baltic cod
  • DEMO-3 – Cadiz (in connection with ICES/HELCOM WGIAB) 9-13 of March 2015 Using environmental information in stock population dynamic models, assessment and predictions
  • DEMO-4 – To be set, Development of Integrated Assessment and Advice for Baltic fish stocks –DEMO