I was born in Stockholm in 1980 and moved to the west coast of Sweden in 1996 to study marine biology. Thereafter I have studied at the University of Gothenburg were I received my Master degree in oceanography in 2007 and my Ph.D. degree in oceanography in 2012. My research focus so far has been on the exchange of phosphorus between sediment and water, as a part in the puzzle to solve the problems with eutrophication in the Baltic Sea. I have been working within the research project Baltic Sea Oxygenation (BOX), a project that investigated the possibilities of man-made oxygenation of anoxic waters as a way to reduce eutrophication. This work resulted in my doctoral thesis at the University of Gothenburg, Phosphorus recycling in brackish and marine environments. During my time as a Ph.D. student I have also been teaching, both in oceanography and in project managing and sustainable development. After my dissertation I have been working within the administration at the department of earth sciences and at the faculty of science at the University of Gothenburg.

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