Stockholm university Frescati Campus is located only ten minutes by subway from Stockholm central station. Get of at the metro station Universitetet

Frescati Campus

The Frescati campus is surrounded by the Royal national park, and Brunnsviken which is directly connected with Stockholm archipelago and the Baltic Sea.

Campus Frescati Stockholm University

Campus Frescati Stockholm University. Photo: Clément Morin


Aula Magna

The main auditorium for the congress is Aula magna. (Address Universitetsvägen 11. Taxi entrance: Frescativägen 6). Max five minutes walk from the Metro-station Universitetet.

Aula Magna is located in the heart of Stockholm University’s green campus at Frescati. It was inaugurated in 1997, and is one of architect Ralph Erskine’s most important works.

Aula Magna
The stairway to the main entrance of Aula Magna. Photo: Agneta Hollström


De Geer lecture hall

Some of the parallel sessions will be held in the De Geer lecture hall, in the Geosciences building (Geovetenskapens Hus). Just across the lawn from Aula Magna.

Address: Svante Arrhenius väg 14, second floor.

Geovetenskapens Hus
De Geer lecture hall is found in the small green building to the left.



In mornings, evenings and during breaks there are plenty of opportunities to re-energize in the nearby surroundings. On a walking distance there are several beautiful and intereresting places like Bergius botanic garden, Swedish Museum of Natural History and beautiful nature like the one at Brunnsviken. All perfect for a break from science.

Brunnsviken is close to Stockholm university
If you need to take a break, the beautiful Brunnsviken is a great place for a quick recharge. Photo: Eva Dalin



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