Attendees: Ragnar Elmgren (chairman), Birgitta Bergman, Jonas Ebbesson, Tina Elfwing, Carl Folke, Christoph Humborg, Michael McLachlan. Co-opted: Nastassja Åstrand Capetillo.

Budget situation 
The remaining approximately 2 Mkr (until 2014) will primarily be used to stimulate interdisciplinary collaborations with relevance to management, within and / or between BEAMs established clusters.

  • Minor support can be given to new such collaborative projects and for arranging workshops or courses that corresponds with BEAMs goals. 
    Send a brief application (1-2 pages) to the chairman.
  • Additional support to existing projects is available (1-2 years, not PhDs), but with the requirement that the investment will lead to results before 2015. 
    Send applications (3-4 pages) to the chairman well before the next BEAM meeting (February 15, 2013).

Funding and positions

  • Gorokhova has advertised new positions.
  • Ploug will submit a request to redistribute funding for 2014.
  • Gustafsson was granted compensation for additional costs related to parental leave.
  • Blomqvists request to reallocate original funds was granted, and additional funds for 2013 were added. Decision about requested additional funding for 2014 was postponed until a statement on the management relevance is provided.
  • Meiers funding for 2012 will be forwarded to MISU as soon as possible.

Annual meeting
Experiences from the annual meeting 26/11 were discussed. The lead group was very pleased with the organization of the annual meeting, the number of participants (nearly 55) and the various group discussions.

The steering group agreed that further efforts are needed to enhance interdisciplinary and management relevant perspectives of forthcoming BEAM-research, and publications and results have to be produced before 2014 ends. A mid term science plan for the coming two programme years (developed by BEAMTask force) will be discussed at the next meeting. A plan of appropriate communicative efforts for the period will also be discussed at the next meeting.

Modeling course 
The proposal by Sandberg & Niiranen to arrange a modeling course for doctoral students on Askö in spring 2013 was accepted, and BEAM granted 100 000 (for 15 students) or 120 000 (20 students) to support the course. 
Supplement: the course should first be open to BEAM associated doctoral students and secondly for BEAMassociated postdocs.

2012 Reporting 
Work with the yearly SFO-survey (strategic research areas) will start soon. This year researchers will be asked to briefly describe new results out of a BEAM-perspective, such as activities that strives at reaching BEAMs goals and/or has had a “public or policy impact”. 
To include BEAM funding in the “acknowledgements” section in each published publication or in presentations is of great importance.

Steering board meetings spring 2013
February 15 and May 21, at 13-15. Locale to be decided later.