Laws and management

Legal perspectives on the ecosystem approach

Laws and management

This research considers whether existing legal frameworks to protect the Baltic Sea are strong, flexible and consistent enough for the region and its ecology, with particular reference to eutrophication issues. Another study area is the degree of congruence between the legal framework and the existing governance structure, especially in relation to the risk of regime shifts.








Legal frameworks for an ecosystem-based management of the Baltic Sea

Are the regulations that steer Baltic Sea management ecosystem-based?

Using an ecosystem approach in managing for example fisheries and eutrophication seems to be something that most Baltic Sea countries strive for, but how is that implemented in the binding laws and regulations? To illuminate that was the purpose of the conference Towards an ecosystem-based legal framework for the Baltic Sea held at Stockholm University on October 7th 2014.

Utsläpp, lagar, Östersjön

Aspects of law on ecosystem based management

Ecosystem-based management is a word commonly used to guide the marine ecosystem- and resource management into becoming sustainable and holistic. But how does it work from a legal perspective? A group of legal scientists have been studying national laws in different Baltic Sea countries in order to understand how they adapt to the “ecosystem approach”.