Place: Stallet, Kräftriket 10A, in the smartboard room on the ground floor.

The goal was to offer an interesting seminar series with the broad range of themes among the speakers.

Below you find a preliminary schedule.

Read more about the organizers in the Transdisciplinary PhD Group.

21 February: 10.00-12.00

  • Ragnar Elmgren, Lecture: The Baltic Sea –From Environmental Disaster to Sustainable Ecosystem?

5 March: 10.00-11.30

  • Matilda Valman: Actors and advocacy coalitions in the Baltic Sea: Variation, ideas and change 1980-2010
  • Brita Bohman: How to evaluate effectiveness in the transboundary regulations for the Baltic Sea area focusing on Eutrophication

14 March: 10.00-11.30

  • Frida Franzén: Creating Pathways for Stakeholder Participation in Water Management

19 March: 10.00-11.30

  • Martina Kadin: Seabirds, fish, and bycatch in Baltic Sea fisheries

23 April: 10.00-11.30

  • Stefano Bonaglia: Benthic nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in the Baltic Sea – rates, processes and spatial patterns
  • Susa Niiranen: Baltic Sea food web dynamics and their response to changes in environmental and anthropogenic forcing

7 May: 10.00-11.30

  • Marko Filipovic: Mass balance of perfluoroalkyl acids in the Baltic Sea
  • Deguo Kong: Climate change-induced effects on the environmental fate of hypothetical persistent organic pollutants in the Baltic Sea region

28 May: 10:00-11:30

  • Jonas Hentati-Sundberg: Social-ecological interactions and long-term development of fishing fleets and fishing strategies in the Baltic Sea
  • Diana Garavito Bermùdez: Generation and use of ecological knowledge by fishers in Blekinge