Christoph Humborg, Baltic Sea Centre, Stockholm University. Photo: Fredrik Wulff.
Christoph Humborg, Baltic Sea Centre, Stockholm University. Photo: Fredrik Wulff.

How would you describe this project in a few sentences?

The University is currently building a new research vessel. It will be equipped with top notch gear for water and sediment sampling as well as geophysical measurements. However, we must find a forum and procedures to make optimal use of these sampling facilities. Obviously, we have consider carefully which scientific questions we would like to address at Askö field station and with the new research vessel. To do this we need a feasibility study followed by a research plan for both facilities that addresses top-priority marine research questions. We need the help of key representatives from the various departments to elaborate plans and later to include all active marine researchers for a broader participation. We will discuss concrete proposals and projects and develop a research activity plan. A first workshop will be held with scientist connected to the Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Change during late January 2016. Here we gather scientists from relevant departments at the University.

What are your most important results, and for whom are they particularly useful?

An extension of the marine field studies initiated by the BEAM programme together with a brand new research vessel allows full-fledged research expeditions with an opportunity to promote cross-departmental marine science and education at SU. Promoting interdisciplinary marine studies will strengthen SU’s marine research profile and reputation as the leading Swedish University performing Baltic Sea research.

How can it assist an ecosystem-based management of the marine environment?

Field studies and research cruises are the backbone for new findings and knowledge to be used later on in ecosystem based management strategies. The intended cross-departmental field campaigns are by definition interdisciplinary, addressing the Baltic Sea ecosystem as a whole.