When it became clear that Stockholm University would continue to get funds also during 2015 corresponding to those received for the BEAM program in 2010-2014, the Faculty decided to prolong the BEAM program for a year, until the longer-term availability of these funds has been decided.

On 14 December the BEAM steering group invited applications for funds available in 2015 for completing BEAM projects, in particular for getting the publications out, and for short-term projects, including research planning, for new research in BEAM’s sphere of interest.

Many applications ...

In all, BEAM received 38 applications for totally over 10 Mkr, more than twice the sum available. The BEAM steering group has now decided to fund, fully or partially, 24 of the applications. The grants range from 50 to 400 kkr, and average about 200 kkr, or in total  4,67 Mkr.

... from various research fields

Funding was primarily given for research on ecosystem processes and hazardous substances, but also on eutrophication, climate change and laws and management, and for a workshop on future research at the Askö Laboratory.



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