This online event is hosted by Södertörn University and Uppsala University. The session has several invited experts and aims to enlight the participants in an interactive, discussing the recent environmental history and future of our sea. 


14.00: Welcoming notes and the "Baltic University Programme 30 years" (Assoc. Prof. Madeleine Granvik)

14.14: How the BUP started, discussion with former BUP director. (Prof. Emeritus Lars Rydén)

14.30: Changes in Baltic Sea ecosystems - lessons learned? (Prof. Emeritus Lena Kautsky)

15.00: Future prospects of the Baltic Sea (Asst. Prof. Anna Törnroos-Remes)

15.20: Short break with quiz

15.30: Panel discussion: History and future possibilities to cooperation to improve the Baltic Sea (Prof. Michael Gilek & Assoc. Prof. Kazimierz Musial

16.00: Closing remarks (Prof. Joakim Edman



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