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St Petersburg

Russian-English webinar series on Baltic Sea challenges

A new webinar series treating the environmental challenges in the Baltic Sea is launched by the Consulate General in St Petersburg and the Baltic Sea Centre in collaboration. The seminars will be simultaneously interpreted and available in both Russian and English.


Baltic Breakfast Russia edition: Impact on the Baltic Sea by climate change

Baltic Breakfast Russia edition in May is about climate change and how it affects the Baltic Sea in general and the Eastern Gulf of Finland in particular.

Wastewater treatment

Is advanced wastewater treatment a good way to reduce micropollutant flows to the Baltic Sea?

Is better treatment of municipal wastewater a good way to reduce the flow of micropollutants to the Baltic Sea? At this webinar researcher Emma Undeman presents current science on the topic and Olga Rublevskaya, Director of technology development at wastewater treatment plant Vodokanal, talks about existing technology of wastewater treatment in St. Petersburg and the possible future development.

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

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We gather and distribute useful knowledge about the Baltic Sea to decision makers, managers, the general public and the marine research community.

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