The workshop serves the purpose of

  • debating a conceptual framework of regional storylines for the Baltic Sea up to 2100;
  • exchanging ideas on plausible future sectoral developments; and
  • exploring possibilities of further collaboration between the ongoing BONUS projects and stakeholders.

Based on the workshop, a collaborative journal article on regionalized storylines for the Baltic Sea could be envisaged. The workshop is co-organised by the Bonus Secretariat and the BONUS BalticAPP project as a clustering activity. For more information on BONUS BalticAPP, please visit:

To whom: Any BONUS projects and stakeholders interested in exploring the challenges of securing the future flow of marine ecosystem services in the Baltic Sea.

Registrations: by 4 March, 2016

[1] RCPs (Representative Concentration Pathways) are four greenhouse gas concentration trajectories adopted for the IPCC 5thAssessment Report. SSPs (Shared Socio-economic Pathways) cover five different narratives of plausible socio-economic futures. The SSPs and RCPs replace the SRES scenarios.