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Communicating scientific results to the right place in society

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre works to make marine research visible, synthetize research results, and forward useful knowledge to decision makers, management authorities as well as the society in general.

Results from our research projects are published in scientific journals continuously. We also produce various reports, articles and digital information targeting different audiences. In addition, we organize meetings and conferences to illuminate important marine issues, where for example scientists with common interests can meet and collaborate.

We hope this homepage can be a useful starting point for all who wish to learn more about marine science that is carried out at the Stockholm University. It also contains information about marine education and other activities linked to the Baltic Sea, such as marine environmental monitoring and the use of research facilities.

Get in touch with our communications unit to learn more about our mission. We can help get you in touch with the right researchers and experts at Stockholm University, point you to a relevant research project, and inform about current events in all areas related to the marine environment and or the Baltic Sea.

Publications 2019

Author Title Year
Iván F. Rodil, Karl M. Attard, Joanna Norkko,
et al.
Towards a sampling design for characterizing habitat-specific benthic biodiversity related to oxygen flux dynamics using Aquatic Eddy Covariance 2019
Lena Kautsky, Susanne Qvarfordt, Ellen Schagerström
Fucus vesiculosus adapted to a life in the Baltic Sea : impacts on recruitment, growth, re-establishment and restoration 2019
Iván F. Rodil, Mariano Lastra, Jesús López,
et al.
Sandy Beaches as Biogeochemical Hotspots : The Metabolic Role of Macroalgal Wrack on Low-productive Shores 2019
Camilla Gustafsson, Alf Norkko
Quantifying the importance of functional traits for primary production in aquatic plant communities 2019
Henrik Svedäng, Julia M. I. Barth, Anders Svensson,
et al.
Local cod (Gadus morhua) revealed by egg surveys and population genetic analysis after longstanding depletion on the Swedish Skagerrak coast 2018
Sebastián Palomino-Ángel, Jesús A. Anaya-Acevedo, Marc Simard,
et al.
Analysis of Floodplain Dynamics in the Atrato River Colombia Using SAR Interferometry 2019
Tina K. Bayer, Erik Gustafsson, Matthias Brakebusch,
et al.
Future Carbon Emission From Boreal and Permafrost Lakes Are Sensitive to Catchment Organic Carbon Loads 2019
Luca R. Centurioni, Jon Turton, Rick Lumpkin,
et al.
Global in situ Observations of Essential Climate and Ocean Variables at the Air-Sea Interface 2019
Anna Villnäs, Urszula Janas, Alf B. Josefson,
et al.
Changes in macrofaunal biological traits across estuarine gradients : implications for the coastal nutrient filter 2019
Guillaume Bernard, Johanna Gammal, Marie Järnström,
et al.
Quantifying bioturbation across coastal seascapes : Habitat characteristics modify effects of macrofaunal communities 2019
Joanna Norkko, Conrad A. Pilditch, Johanna Gammal,
et al.
Ecosystem functioning along gradients of increasing hypoxia and changing soft-sediment community types 2019
Eero Asmala, Camilla Gustafsson, Dorte Krause-Jensen,
et al.
Role of Eelgrass in the Coastal Filter of Contrasting Baltic Sea Environments 2019
Torbjörn Jansson, Hans Estrup Andersen, Berit Hasler,
et al.
Can investments in manure technology reduce nutrient leakage to the Baltic Sea? 2019
David Costalago, Barbara Bauer, Maciej T. Tomczak,
et al.
The necessity of a holistic approach when managing marine mammal–fisheries interactions : Environment and fisheries impact are stronger than seal predation 2018
Francisco R. Barboza, Jonne Kotta, Florian Weinberger,
et al.
Geographic variation in fitness-related traits of the bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus along the Baltic Sea-North Sea salinity gradient 2019
Elina A. Virtanen, Alf Norkko, Antonia Nyström Sandman,
et al.
Identifying areas prone to coastal hypoxia - the role of topography 2019
K. M. Attard, Iván F. Rodil, P. Berg,
et al.
Seasonal metabolism and carbon export potential of a key coastal habitat : The perennial canopy-forming macroalga Fucus vesiculosus 2019
Mats Westerbom, Olli Mustonen, Kim Jaatinen,
et al.
Population Dynamics at the Range Margin : Implications of Climate Change on Sublittoral Blue Mussels (Mytilus trossulus) 2019
Anna Villnas, Alf Norkko, Kari K. Lehtonen
Multi-level responses of Macoma balthica to recurring hypoxic disturbance 2019
Lukas Meysick, Tom Ysebaert, Anna Jansson,
et al.
Context-dependent community facilitation in seagrass meadows along a hydrodynamic stress gradient 2019
Karl M. Attard, Iván F. Rodil, Ronnie N. Glud,
et al.
Seasonal ecosystem metabolism across shallow benthic habitats measured by aquatic eddy covariance 2019
Leena Virta, Hanna Gammal, Marie Järnström,
et al.
The diversity of benthic diatoms affects ecosystem productivity in heterogeneous coastal environments 2019
Victor H. Rivera-Monroy, Courtney Elliton, Siddhartha Narra,
et al.
Wetland Biomass and Productivity in Coastal Louisiana : Base Line Data (1976-2015) and Knowledge Gaps for the Development of Spatially Explicit Models for Ecosystem Restoration and Rehabilitation Initiatives 2019
S. M. Powers, R. B. Chowdhury, G. K. MacDonald,
et al.
Global Opportunities to Increase Agricultural Independence Through Phosphorus Recycling 2019
Hanna Sinkko, Iina Hepolehto, Christina Lyra,
et al.
Increasing oxygen deficiency changes rare and moderately abundant bacterial communities in coastal soft sediments 2019
Elias Broman, Nisha H. Motwani, Stefano Bonaglia,
et al.
Denitrification responses to increasing cadmium exposure in Baltic Sea sediments 2019
John G. Pope, Valerio Bartolino, Nataliia Kulatska,
et al.
Comparing the steady state results of a range of multispecies models between and across geographical areas by the use of the jacobian matrix of yield on fishing mortality rate 2019
Martijn Hermans, Wytze K. Lenstra, Niels A. G. M. van Helmond,
et al.
Impact of natural re-oxygenation on the sediment dynamics of manganese, iron and phosphorus in a euxinic Baltic Sea basin 2019
Marianne Zandersen, Kari Hyytiäinen, H. E. Markus Meier,
et al.
Shared socio-economic pathways extended for the Baltic Sea : exploring long-term environmental problems 2018
Annika Svanbäck, Michelle L. McCrackin, Dennis P. Swaney,
et al.
Reducing agricultural nutrient surpluses in a large catchment - Links to livestock density 2018
Eva Ehrnsten, Alf Norkko, Karen Timmermann,
et al.
Benthic-pelagic coupling in coastal seas - Modelling macrofaunal biomass and carbon processing in response to organic matter supply 2019
Eva Ehrnsten, Barbara Bauer, Bo G. Gustafsson
Combined Effects of Environmental Drivers on Marine Trophic Groups - A Systematic Model Comparison 2019
Elias Broman, Caroline Raymond, Christian Sommer,
et al.
Salinity drives meiofaunal community structure dynamics across the Baltic ecosystem 2019
Johannes S. Dugstad, Inga Monika Koszalka, Pal Erik Isachsen,
et al.
Vertical Structure and Seasonal Variability of the Inflow to the Lofoten Basin Inferred From High-Resolution Lagrangian Simulations 2020
Martin Jakobsson, Christian Stranne, Matt O'Regan,
et al.
Bathymetric properties of the Baltic Sea 2019
Alec M. Hutchings, Gilad Antler, Jean Wilkening,
et al.
Creek Dynamics Determine Pond Subsurface Geochemical Heterogeneity in East Anglian (UK) Salt Marshes 2019
Christoph Humborg, Marc C. Geibel, Xiaole Sun,
et al.
High Emissions of Carbon Dioxide and Methane From the Coastal Baltic Sea at the End of a Summer Heat Wave 2019
Erik Gustafsson, Mathilde Hagens, Xiaole Sun,
et al.
Sedimentary alkalinity generation and long-term alkalinity development in the Baltic Sea 2018
H. E. Markus Meier, Moa Edman, Kari Eilola,
et al.
Assessment of Uncertainties in Scenario Simulations of Biogeochemical Cycles in the Baltic Sea 2019
Emil Rydin, Linda Kumblad
Capturing past eutrophication in coastal sediments - Towards water-quality goals 2019
Barbara Bauer, Jan Horbowy, Mika Rahikainen,
et al.
Model uncertainty and simulated multispecies fisheries management advice in the Baltic Sea 2019
Barbara Bauer, Bo G. Gustafsson, Kari Hyytiäinen,
et al.
Food web and fisheries in the future Baltic Sea 2019
Filippa Fransner, Agneta Fransson, Christoph Humborg,
et al.
Remineralization rate of terrestrial DOC as inferred from CO2 supersaturated coastal waters 2018
Joakim P. Hansen, Göran Sundblad, Ulf Bergström,
et al.
Recreational boating degrades vegetation important for fish recruitment 2018
Torbjörn Jansson, Hans E. Andersen, Bo G. Gustafsson,
et al.
Baltic Sea eutrophication status is not improved by the first pillar of the European Union Common Agricultural Policy 2020
Per-Olav Moksnes, Louise Eriander, Joakim Hansen,
et al.
Fritidsbåtars påverkan på grunda kustekosystem i Sverige 2020
Fernando Jaramillo, Amanda Desormeaux, Johanna Hedlund,
et al.
Priorities and Interactions of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with Focus on Wetlands 2019
Johanna Gammal, Marie Järnström, Guillaume Bernard,
et al.
Environmental Context Mediates Biodiversity–Ecosystem Functioning Relationships in Coastal Soft-sediment Habitats 2018
Luigi Piemontese, Ingo Fetzer, Johan Rockström,
et al.
Future Hydroclimatic Impacts on Africa : Beyond the Paris Agreement 2019
Kari Hyytiäinen, Barbara Bauer, Kerstin Bly Joyce,
et al.
Provision of aquatic ecosystem services as a consequence of societal changes : The case of the Baltic Sea 2020

Publications 2018

Author Title Year
Kim Dahlgren Strååt, Carl-Magnus Mörth, Emma Undeman
Future export of particulate and dissolved organic carbon from land to coastal zones of the Baltic Sea 2017
Iván F. Rodil, P. Lucena-Moya, M. Lastra
The Importance of Environmental and Spatial Factors in the Metacommunity Dynamics of Exposed Sandy Beach Benthic Invertebrates 2018
Rasmus J. Nielsen, Eric Thunberg, Daniel S. Holland,
et al.
Integrated ecological–economic fisheries models—Evaluation, review and challenges for implementation 2018
Holly P. Jones, Peter C. Jones, Edward B. Barbier,
et al.
Restoration and repair of Earth's damaged ecosystems 2018
Zhe Li, Emma Undeman, Ester Papa,
et al.
High-throughput evaluation of organic contaminant removal efficiency in a wastewater treatment plant using direct injection UHPLC-Orbitrap-MS/MS 2018
Oleg P. Savchuck
Myths of the Baltic Sea eutrophication 2018
Michael S. McLachlan, Emma Undeman, Fangyuan Zhao,
et al.
Predicting global scale exposure of humans to PCB 153 from historical emissions 2018
Filippa Fransner, Erik Gustafsson, Letizia Tedesco,
et al.
Non-Redfieldian Dynamics Explain Seasonal pCO2 Drawdown in the Gulf of Bothnia 2018
Emma Undeman, Trevor N. Brown, Michael S. McLachlan,
et al.
Who in the world is most exposed to polychlorinated biphenyls? Using models to identify highly exposed populations 2018
Mariano Lastra, Jesús López, Iván F. Rodil
Warming intensify CO2 flux and nutrient release from algal wrack subsidies on sandy beaches 2018
Mats Westerbom, Antti Lappalainen, Olli Mustonen,
et al.
Trophic overlap between expanding and contracting fish predators in a range margin undergoing change 2018
Anna Villnäs, Judi Hewitt, Martin Snickars,
et al.
Template for using biological trait groupings when exploringlarge-scale variation in seafloor multifunctionality 2018
F. Fripiat, M. Declercq, C. J. Sapart,
et al.
Influence of the bordering shelves on nutrient distribution in the Arctic halocline inferred from water column nitrate isotopes 2018
Sofia Wikström, Mats Blomqvist, Henrik Svedäng
Effekter av bottentrålning på ekosystemtjänster i svenska hav 2018
Vonda J. Cummings, Judi E. Hewitt, Simon F. Thrush,
et al.
Linking Ross Sea Coastal Benthic Communities to Environmental Conditions : Documenting Baselines in a Spatially Variable and Changing World 2018
Oleg P. Savchuck
Large-Scale Nutrient Dynamics in the Baltic Sea, 1970–2016 2018
Mati Kahru, Ragnar Elmgren, Emanuele Di Lorenzo,
et al.
Unexplained interannual oscillations of cyanobacterial blooms in the Baltic Sea 2018
Henrik Svedäng
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Nordic Coastal Ecosystems – an IPBES-like assessment : Summary for policy makers 2018
Oksana M. Vladimirova, Tatjana R. Eremina, Alexey V. Isaev,
et al.
Modelling dissolved organic nutrients in the Gulf of Finland 2019
Dämien J. Bolinius, Anna Sobek, Marie F. Löf,
et al.
Evaluating the consumption of chemical products and articles as proxies for diffuse emissions to the environment 2018
Charlotte Angove, Alf Norkko, Camilla Gustafsson
Assessing the efficiencies and challenges for nutrient uptake by aquatic plants 2018
M. Joensuu, C. A. Pilditch, R. Harris,
et al.
Sediment properties, biota, and local habitat structure explain variation in the erodibility of coastal sediments 2018
Paul V. R. Snelgrove, Karline Soetaert, Martin Solan,
et al.
Global Carbon Cycling on a Heterogeneous Seafloor 2018
L. Kauppi, G. Bernard, R. Bastrop,
et al.
Increasing densities of an invasive polychaete enhance bioturbation with variable effects on solute fluxes 2018
L. Kauppi, Alf Norkko, J. Norkko
Seasonal population dynamics of the invasive polychaete genus Marenzelleria spp. in contrasting soft-sediment habitats 2018
Volker Brüchert, Lisa Bröder, Joanna E. Sawicka,
et al.
Carbon mineralization in Laptev and East Siberian sea shelf and slope sediment 2018
Jacob Carstensen, Melissa Chierici, Bo G. Gustafsson,
et al.
Long-Term and Seasonal Trends in Estuarine and Coastal Carbonate Systems 2018
Lars Sonesten, Lars M. Svendsen, Henrik Tornbjerg,
et al.
Sources and pathways of nutrients to the Baltic Sea : HELCOM PLC-6 2018
H. E. Markus Meier, Moa K. Edman, Kari J. Eilola,
et al.
Assessment of Eutrophication Abatement Scenarios for the Baltic Sea by Multi-Model Ensemble Simulations 2018
Michelle L. McCrackin, Bo G. Gustafsson, Bongghi Hong,
et al.
Opportunities to reduce nutrient inputs to the Baltic Sea by improving manure use efficiency in agriculture 2018
Jun Zhong, Si-Liang Li, Jing Liu,
et al.
Climate Variability Controls on CO2 Consumption Fluxes and Carbon Dynamics for Monsoonal Rivers : Evidence From Xijiang River, Southwest China 2018
Chris Cvitanovic, Marie F. Löf, Albert V. Norström,
et al.
Building university-based boundary organisations that facilitate impacts on environmental policy and practice 2018
Michelle L. McCrackin, Bärbel Muller-Karulis, Bo G. Gustafsson,
et al.
A Century of Legacy Phosphorus Dynamics in a Large Drainage Basin 2018
Xiaole Sun, Carl-Magnus Mörth, Don Porcelli,
et al.
Stable silicon isotopic compositions of the Lena River and its tributaries : Implications for silicon delivery to the Arctic Ocean 2018
Barbara Bauer, H. E. Markus Meier, Michele Casini,
et al.
Reducing eutrophication increases spatial extent of communities supporting commercial fisheries : a model case study 2018
Laura Uusitalo, Maciej T. Tomczak, Bärbel Muller-Karulis,
et al.
Hidden variables in a Dynamic Bayesian Network identify ecosystem level change 2018
Nils Hedberg, Isabell Stenson, Mika Nitz Pettersson,
et al.
Antibiotic use in Vietnamese fish and lobster sea cage farms; implications for coral reefs and human health 2018
Serena Donadi, Åsa Nilsson Austin, Evira Svartgren,
et al.
Density-dependent positive feedbacks buffer aquatic plants from interactive effects of eutrophication and predator loss 2018
Jacob Carstensen, Jesper Christensen, Bo G. Gustafsson,
et al.
Policy Brief TRIACID: Acidification in Nordic Waters : Status, trends and implications for marine species 2018

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