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Infrastructure for successful marine research

One of the most important tasks for the Baltic Sea Centre is to provide, develop and maintain expensive economic and physical resources useful for marine research, education and environmental monitoring.

A well-functioning infrastructure is necessary for new research insights and successful environmental monitoring in the Baltic proper, where the Baltic Sea Centre provide the research community with several resources.

Just south of Stockholm at the Askö Laboratory, we have laboratories and experimental facilities, as well as ships and boats. In Gotland, the Murre Lab in Stora Karlsö was inaugurated in 2009 and provides a specially designed facility to study Guillemot. For offshore assignments where the smaller ships based at the Askö Laboratory are insufficient, we have access to M/F Fyrbyggaren, a large research vessel, in close cooperation with the Swedish Maritime Administration. All combined, we are confident in providing scientists with the resources they need for marine research within the Baltic proper.

Bojen sjösätts av Askös personal

Environmental conditions at Askö measured in real-time

At station B1 right outside the Askö Laboratory an automatic measuring buoy records oceanographic data in real-time. It is part of a network of similar measuring buoys along Sweden’s coast.

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Current conditions at B1/Askö

Mätbojsdata Askö

At Askö we operate one of six swedish oceanographic measuring buoys. Keep track of its sampling on salinity, temperature, oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, wind direction and wind speed directly at: