Assistant Professor 

Department of Geological Sciences.

I have a background in physical oceanography but my on-going research mainly involves research related to: 1) utilization of wideband sonar systems for mapping of thermohaline stratification, turbulence and other features in the water column, and 2) numerical modeling of methane transport in marine sediments and the water column.

Research questions that I am currently working with includes:

  • Can we quantify ocean mixing by means of wideband hydro-acoustics
  • Can groundwater seepage in the Baltic Sea be quantified through a combination of acoustic observations and buoyant plume modeling?
  • How does methane oxidation in marine sediments affect the timing and quantities of seafloor gas escape?
  • Does shallow hydraulic fracturing play a role in seafloor gas release dynamics in the Baltic Sea? 
  • Can a coupled sediment-ocean model predict observed methane concentrations and distribution in the Baltic Sea?  
  • How does increased hypoxic volumes in the Baltic Sea affect fish predator-prey habitat interactions?
  • At what level of detail can Baltic Sea benthic habitats be mapped acoustically, and is there room for improvement?