The Stockholm University conference Baltic Sea Day, will this year be given in a digital format on November 4. It is open for all but registration is required in order to get a Zoom-invite. All abstracts and information about the sessions are available as PDFs below. 

Warm welcome!



Opening by Christoph Humborg, Scientific Director of the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre


Session chair: Fernando Jaramillo

  • Fernando Jaramillo: Using InSAR observations to understand effects of climate change on water resources in the Baltic Sea basin

  • Gustaf Hugelius: The impact of climate warming on permafrost in the Baltic Sea drainage basin.

  • Sara Cousins: Coastal meadows - habitats on the move.
  • Georgia Destouni: The Norrström/Baltic Multi-Actor Lab within the EU Project COASTAL - Collaborative Land-Sea Integration Platform, 2018-2022
9.40-9.55 COFFEE BREAK

Session chair: Francisco Nascimento

  • Florian Roth: Seasonal variations of carbon dioxide and methane distribution across coastal habitats of the Baltic Sea
  • Volker Brüchert: How can we scale inshore emissions of methane in the coastal Baltic and other coastal seas?
  • Johan Gustafsson: Are naturally produced brominated compounds causing negative health effects for the Baltic Sea wildlife?
  • Camilla Liénart: Are cyanobacteria good food for blue mussels?
  • Martin Jakobsson: How to answer the question of a link between Baltic Sea submarine terraces and groundwater seeping?
  • Gabriel Freitas: Bioaerosols emitted from Baltic Sea water as studied by single-particle laser-induced fluorescence and DNA analysis
11.30-12.30 LUNCH BREAK

Session chair: Agnes ML Karlson

  • Jana Johansson: Identification of chemical compounds enriched in the Baltic Sea surface microlayer
  • Henrik Svedäng: New aspects on the decline of the Baltic cod
  • Agnes ML Karlsson: Food web changes explain contrasting patterns in cod and herring mercury concentrations over 4 decades 
  • Aikaterini Glykou: The story of the Baltic Sea harp seal: Reconstructing the history of an extinct population
13.35-13.45 COFFEE BREAK

OPEN SEA Part ll
Session chair: Inga Koszalka

  • Sarah Greenwood: Tracing meltwater drainage from the Fennoscandian ice sheet
  • Julia Muchowski: Mixing of water masses in the Baltic Sea
  • Kristofer Döös: Tracing the Baltic Haline Conveyor Belt
  • Inga Monika Koszalka: What can we learn about the swirling surface flows in the Baltic Sea from drifting instruments and modelled drifting particles?
  • Erik Gustafsson: Is ocean acidification a threat to the Baltic Sea?
15.05-15.15 COFFEE BREAK

Session chair: Gun Rudquist

  • Flora Borchert: Restricting chemicals under the REACH regulation: An examination of Key Studies used
  • Anna Christiernsson: Legal governance of marine biodiversity
  • Brita Bohman: From land to sea - Law and policy for reducing nutrients
  • Johan Schelin: Environmental aspects of maritime law in the Baltic Sea
  • Johanna Hedlund: Policy issue interdependencies and collaborative governance of the Norrström basin, Sweden

Closing remarks with future prospects of the marine research at Stockholm University by Christoph Humborg, Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

For easy download:
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