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Brygga i tång

Baltic Sea Fellows

As a continuation of the governmental funding of strategic Baltic Sea research, a new interdisciplinary network of young Baltic Sea researchers is forming at Stockholm University. During 2018-2022, the Baltic Sea Fellows, consisting of Post Doctoral researchers, Assistant Professors and Associate Professors at seven of Stockholm University's departments will perform cross-disciplinary projects concerning environmental challenges in the Baltic Sea.

Currently, the group consists of eleven researchers.

Soluppgång längs Östersjökusten med vass i förgrunden

Baltic Sea Day 2020

To promote and strengthen the broad Baltic Sea research at Stockholm University, we invite you to the virtual conference Baltic Sea Days in Nov 4, 2020.

Båt i almedalen

Law - a necessary but insufficient way to manage water quality

At each side of the Atlantic ocean, two completely different coastal areas have become iconic poster children for eutrophication and served as blue prints for marine management approaches. During a joint webinar between the Baltic Sea Centre and Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre, the governance of these two regions were discussed.


Life in the Baltic Sea dead zones

A new study, pubished in Communications Biology, shows animal life in extreme anoxic conditions. The researchers, including Baltic Sea Fellows Elias Broman and Francisco Nascimento, have studied the diversity and metabolism of nematodes in the Baltic Sea anoxic sea beds.

Echogram showing rough bottom in the Southern Quark, Sweden

Researchers map mixing in the Southern Quark

At present, a unique research expedition is taking place outside Grisslehamn. The team will study vertical mixing, an important mechanism for understanding circulation in the Baltic Sea.

Photograph: Lisa Bergqvist

Benthic communities and water movement

With the eye-catching title "Nematodes from Space?", Baltic Seminar was back on December 3. Fernando Jaramillo (NatGeo) and Francisco Nascimento (DEEP) presented their research areas, and joined in a discussion on possible research collaborations between departments.

Agnes Karlsson, Baltic breakfast December 4

The importance of long time series

December's Baltic Breakfast focused on the importance of long time series in environmental monitoring. Agnes Karlsson is one of the authors of a new policy brief from the Baltic Sea Centre, on which the breakfast seminar was based. The whole seminar can be found on Youtube.

Marlene REACH

Researchers require increased transparency within REACH

To meet the challenges of chemical risks in everyday life, risk assessments under the REACH registration process must be improved. One key element in that transformation is to introduce more transparency. Marlene Ågerstrand is the author of the Policy Brief "European chemicals regulation needs more transparency" from the Baltic Sea Centre.

BEAM puff

Continuation of the BEAM-programme

In 2018, the interdisciplinary research network Baltic Sea Fellows, was started as a continuation of BEAM, The Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management. BEAM (2010-2015), was part of the Government's strategic research areas (SFO). BEAM was a collaboration between ten research units on Baltic ecosystems, contaminants, natural resource management and ecological models for environmental management. 

SFO-funding for Baltic Sea research

Stockholm University intensifies the strategic Baltic Sea research. Baltic Sea Fellows gathers young researchers at various departments of the University, in a joint marine interdisciplinary research team at the Baltic Sea Centre. This initiative is a development of the governmental funding of strategic research areas (SFO).

Contacts at the Baltic Sea Centre:

Baltic Seminar series

A dialogue on scientific collaborations and how to improve the Baltic Sea environment

December 3, 2019
Nematodes from Space?
May 28, 2020
Law and governance in the Baltic Sea and the Chesapeake Bay

Next Seminar: 
Nov 4, 2020
Baltic Sea Days - whole day conference