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Deep time and waters of the Baltic Sea

Kerstin Lidén

This environmental humanities project aims to explore the entanglement between natural and cultural heritage in the Baltic Sea from a deep time perspective. It is expected to establish a trans-disciplinary scientific network where experts in Archaeology, Anthropology, Biology, Ecology, English, Osteology, Philosophy develop joint research strategies for a sustainable management of the Baltic Sea.

The study will analyse interactions between humans and seals in the Baltic Sea from a historical perspective under the impact of environmental change and anthropogenic responses. This will contribute to our understanding on dynamics of natural recourses and the processes affecting marine mammals during drastic climatic events and human pressure which is necessary to increase our capabilities of estimating large-scale and long-term implications of environmental changes.

In addition, this project will contain a study on natural/cultural heritage trade-offs by tracing and mapping how peoples choices regarding land and water management are interlinked with water as a resource. It means to expose, highlight and question the sacrificial logic of today´s choices that have implications for what heritage is being passed onto future generations.

Researcher and department
Kerstin Lidén, Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies

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SFO-funding for Baltic Sea research

Stockholm University intensifies the strategic Baltic Sea research. New researchers at various departments of the University will create a joint marine interdisciplinary research team at the Baltic Sea Centre. This initiative is a development of the governmental funding of strategic research areas (SFO).

Contacts at the Baltic Sea Centre:

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

The Baltic Sea Centre was established 2013, and has three main missions: research, science communication and to provide infrastructure for marine research. The Centre should also promote dialogue within the marine research community, and function as a strong voice for marine issues on behalf of the University as a whole.  

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