Granted projects 2016

6,5 MSEK to strategic Baltic Sea research 2016

For the interimistic year 2016 the Baltic Sea Centre supported research projects of strategical importance in promoting and developing the University's marine research field. Involving research from 11 departments, 20 projects were granted funding.

Ensuring scientific and strategic quality, the grant proposals were sent to the Baltic Sea Centre by each Head of Department. Involvement over faculty-borders has been encouraged, as well as usage of the new research vessel R/V Electra and the field station Askö Laboratory. Covering fields from all four faculties of Stockholm University, funding was distributed to the following departments:

  • 1471 TSEK to Ecology, Environment and Plant Science
  • 1564 TSEK to Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry
  • 1505 TSEK to Geological Science
  •  377 TSEK to Meteorology
  •  210 TSEK to Bert Bolin Centre & Physical Geography
  •  260 TSEK to Physical Geography & Human Geography
  •  500 TSEK to Archaeology and Classical Studies
  •  515 TSEK to Zoology & Political Science
  •  225 TSEK to Stockholm Resilience Centre

Long Term Underwater Sensing (LoTUS) buoys

Nina Kirchner and Jakob Kuttenkeuler

Impact of socio-hydrological factors on nutrient & pollutant loads to the Baltic Sea

Jerker Jarsjö, Georgia Destouni, Ulf Jansson, Annika Strandin Pers and Johan Berg

Towards understanding ecological effects of contamination

Anna Sobek, Agnes Karlsson and Francisco Nascimento

Pilot studies in the new BALTIC CAP project

Jonas Gunnarsson and Anna Sobek

Changing Seasonality of the Baltic Sea

Ragnar Elmgren, Oleg Savchuk and Mati Kahru

Possible marine-terrestrial trophic linkage in the Baltic Sea

Jonas Hentati-Sundberg, Henrik Österblom, Caroline Raymond, Ola Svensson, Jonas Gunnarsson and Stefano Bonaglia

What drives eukaryotic diversity of Baltic Sea sediment communities?

Francisco Nascimento, Johan Eklöf, Joakim Hansen and Albert Norström

Controls of sediment bottom topography on benthic-pelagic coupling

Volker Brüchert, Monika Winder, Francesco Nascimento, Martin Jakobsson and Jonas Nycander

Ice sheet dynamics in a warmer world

Barbara Wohlfarth, Svante Björck, Sarah Greenwood, Richard Gyllencreutz, Martin Jakobsson and Matt O’Regan

In search of ikaite

Alasdair Skelton and Martin Jakobsson

Rates and mechanisms of ice retreat in the Bothnian Sea

Sarah Greenwood, Matt O’Regan and Barbara Wohlfarth

SFO-funding for Baltic Sea research

Stockholm University intensifies the strategic Baltic Sea research. Baltic Sea Fellows gathers young researchers at various departments of the University, in a joint marine interdisciplinary research team at the Baltic Sea Centre. This initiative is a development of the governmental funding of strategic research areas (SFO).

Contacts at the Baltic Sea Centre:

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

The Baltic Sea Centre was established 2013, and has three main missions: research, science communication and to provide infrastructure for marine research. The Centre should also promote dialogue within the marine research community, and function as a strong voice for marine issues on behalf of the University as a whole.  

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