Coastal habitats

Coastal habitats

Coastal exploitation and marine habitats

Shallow coastal habitats are important feeding and nursery ground for many species, including coastal populations of perch and pikeperch. These habitats are currently under high pressure from anthropogenic exploitation, due to high and increasing use of the coastal zone for living and recreation.

We are mapping anthropogenic pressure on coastal habitats along the Swedish Baltic Sea coast, comparing the level of pressures between different habitats and coastal areas. We analyse the existing network of marine protected areas to assess if the protection is sufficient to ensure long-term viability of the habitats and species that depend on them. In addition, we carry out a review of scientific litterature testing the effects of physical disturbance on vegetation habitats in shallow coastal areas.

The aim of the project is to provide scientific advice to improve management of coastal habitats and increase awareness on the values associated with these habitats and how they can be protected.

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About the project

The project is led by Baltic Eye, and is a collaboration with researchers from the Department of ecology, environment and plant sciences at Stockholm University, as well as with SLU and AquaBiota Water Research.