International environmental analysis

Our international environmental analysis is carried out at the Baltic Nest Institute and Baltic Eye. 

BNI is active in several international projects and developes the model for international negotiations between the Baltic Sea countries.

A goal of the new Baltic Eye initiative is to analyse scientific knowledge about the Baltic Sea ecosystem.

Baltic Eye

Baltic Eye was formed in 2013 when the foundation Baltic Sea 2020 ventured a strategic partnership together with Stockholm university and the Stockholm university Baltic Sea Center. A team of researchers with strong international scientific networks together with skilled communicators are going to meet the need of accessible knowledge for the public and policy makers in order to improve the Baltic Sea environment.

Baltic Nest Institute

The Baltic Nest Institute hosts the Nest model, a decision support system that can be used to calculate the measures required to achieve politically agreed goals for the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

Phone: +46-8-16 37 18