The Institute’s activities are based on collaboration among four universities: Umeå University, Stockholm University, Linnaeus University and University of Gothenburg. The Baltic Sea Centre is the host for the unit at Stockholm University. The main office, which coordinates operations, is located at the University of Gothenburg.

Capacities at each unit office

At each of the unit offices, there is a director, environmental analysts, as well as communications officers. The tasks for each year are specified in a joint action plan.

The connection to the Universities guarantees access to a broad knowledge base, and the regional distributions provides good geographical coverage. Cooperation with authorities and the community also means that the Marine Environment Institute can function as a bridge between scientists, environmental officials and policymakers.

The mission for the unit at the Stockholm University

This unit has a special responsibility for the northern Baltic Proper, and participates in national and international committees and groups engaged in regional issues that specifically affect this region. 

Listed below are some areas where the unit have made special efforts:

The unit's overall activities reported in Stockholm University's annual reports (in Swedish):