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  • Web survey about Decision Support Tools 2019-03-18 Do you have experience of Decision Support Tools? Or do you need tools to support your decision making when it comes to the Baltic Sea? Please help us out by answering the BONUS DESTONY web survey!
  • Ankare på botten i en grund vik. Foto: Joakim Hansen Fish habitats degraded by recreational boating 2018-10-03 In a new scientific article, researchers show that small boat marinas have a clear impact on the vegetation on the seabed. The study also shows that this vegetation is very important for recruitment of several coastal fish species, including perch and pike.
  • Borstnate About the project Plant-Fish 2018-10-03 The Baltic Sea Centre has been part of the project Plant-Fish since 2014, which has examined the functional role of vegetation and predatory fish in shallow Baltic Sea bays. Now results are coming in.
  • Photo: Marcus C Öhman/Azote Popular seminar about the Baltic Sea underwater soundscape 2017-10-25 The research on underwater sounds and what impacts human induced sounds have on marine ecosystems is a new and unexplored field. Yet it is an important dimension that affects the marine life.
  • Grow dense, make sense? Diving inventory Grow dense, make sense? 2016-10-14 A Baltic Bridge project to investigate the role of drift algae, aquatic plant density and traits for secondary production and shelter from predation.
  • Baltic Seminar on fish in human hands 2016-05-16 Our third Baltic Seminar had the focus on effects on fish: from key processes in coastal habitats to the influence by global actors. Two keynotes, Johan Eklöf (DEEP) and Henrik Österblom (SRC), gave inspirational presentations and then a panel talk with discussions ended the seminar before our customary Baltic Bar started.
  • BEAM Brochure Fall 2014 University Baltic Sea research in short 2015-11-24 What are the effects of brominated substances on marine wildlife? How does regulation to decrease eutrophication look in Baltic Sea countries? Why can trawling lead to toxic pollution? These are some of the issues that scientists in a large research program at Stockholm University work with.
  • Policy Brief: Multiannual plan 2015-02-24 The cod stocks should be a top priority in the Baltic Sea says the Baltic Eye as a comment on the proposal for EU’s new multiannual management plan for Baltic cod, herring and sprat.
  • New ways to understand the life of the cod 2014-12-15 Halfway through the DEMO-project, scientists now study how environmental factors and food availability affect the cod and its body growth in different life stages.
  • DEMO workshop on fisheries management and assessment Towards more ecosystem based fishery 2014-09-01 Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre takes action in developing a more ecosystem based fishery management. During a week in late August, twenty marine scientists from most of the Baltic countries met to outline the first steps towards a future system for ecosystem based management and advice for assessing the Baltic Sea fish stock.
  • 100 years of Baltic Sea changes 100 years of Baltic Sea changes 2014-04-16 Baltic Sea food web expert, Maciej T. Tomczak at the Baltic Nest Institute, was recently granted support from the ICES Science Fund for a project that will reconstruct the Baltic flounder stock biomass since 1906 up to today. The aim is to understand the collapse of the stock and explain factors influencing its dynamics.

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