Fish and fisheries

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Our research about fish and fisheries

Fish and fisheries in a ecosystem perspective is a focus for our fish experts. At the Baltic Sea Centre a project that gathers leading fish researchers to develop a system for ecosystem based management and advice for assessing the Baltic Sea fish stock is underway. Another theme is linked to top-predators in coastal areas, and aims at understanding the connections between vegetation in shallow bays and predatory fish. The results are expected to provide guidelines for management leading to more coastal fish.

Below is a list of projects.

Films, reports and news on fish and fisheries can be found here!

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The Baltic Sea Centre takes part in the project Plant-Fish, which aims to examine whether and how the vegetation and predatory fish benefit each other through positive feedback mechanisms.



The Baltic Sea Centre is participating in ClimeFish (2016-2020) that aims at co-creating a decision support framwork to ensure sustainable fish production in Europe under climate change.

DEMO 1, a workshop on fisheries management


The goal of the DEMO-project is to develop and evaluate an integrated advice for the three main commercial fish stocks in the Baltic Sea, i.e. cod, herring and sprat.

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MareFrame seeks to remove barriers preventing a more widespread use of an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management (EAFM).


We offer ground resources ...

One of the Baltic Centre's main tasks is to provide, develop and maintain expensive physical and financial resources for marine research.

... and convey useful knowledge

Another important task is to make research results and information available for those who work with management as well as and other interested parties.