Regional environmental analysis

On a regional level, the Baltic Sea Centre assumes a particular responsibility for the northern Baltic Proper and the Svealand coastal areas. We have substantial expertise in this region, and good contacts with other regional actors.

It is key to build and maintain a network of expertise, both with marine scientists at Stockholm University as well as other universities. We collaborate with the Water authorities, Svealands Kustevattenvårdförbund (SKVVF), The County Administrative Boards and other major actors in the region. The main purpose with our work is to make our accumulated knowledge useful in the pursuit of a better marine environment.

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Environmental analysis for coastal water management

The Svealand Coastal Water Association is a nonprofit organization that works with coastal issues in the region. The environmental analysis function of the organization is based at Stockholm University and includes researchers and environmental analysts from the Baltic Sea Centre and the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences.


The marine knowledge base for Svealand

The Svealand Coastal region is densely populated famous in the world for its unique archipelago. There is large interst in the current environmental state of the region, but it is often difficult to find information on how the coastal ecosystems are changing. This project aims to improve access to this information for the public as well as for the scientific community and stakeholders.

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